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 1. Objective

The power sector in India is going through a phase of transition. The primary objective of this transformation is to move from a structure dominated by vertically integrated state-owned utilities to one with competition not only at wholesale but also at the retail level. One of the key initiatives has been to set up autonomous regulations, which is separate from the policy and operational aspects. The Electricity Regulatory Commissions (Central as well as State) is now playing an important role in facilitating this transformation through effective regulations. The Utilities also are gearing up themselves to match the expectations of Government, Consumers and Funding Agencies. The activities that are being taken up by the utilities include not only revamping of the generation, distribution and transmission system but also establishing an Information System for enabling timely and speedy decisions. In view of above, PVVNL intend to implement an integrated information system in their Corporate and their distribution Segment.

A work plan on network solution and development of information system in the light of the recent enactment & other changes happening in the industry has been prepared so that

           An Enterprise application Software can be developed

           Suitable hardware & networking can be procured and installed for running the above software 

           Training of the users for PVVNL on the operational processes of the software can be given. The Software so developed shall be able to support the recent initiatives taken by PVVNL to improve its performance.  


PVVNL intends to procure and implement software and install appropriate hardware and commission of appropriate Network to computerize and bring on line its several operational and decision processes at:

Corporate Office

Distribution Segment

The current level of use of IT on various organizational functions and business activities is quite low with almost no integrated information system and/or Control System in place.  PVVNL is now keen to implement an integrated IT System for the above-mentioned organizational segment. PVVNL plans to attain this by adopting the latest and cost effective techniques available in the market.

 Depending upon the necessity and commercial utility the following software module has been identified to be integrated for business process

A)        Customer care system (Billing and Collection)
B)        Financial Accounting System
C)        Material & Inventory Management System
D)        Energy Accounting System
E)        Management Information system

 3.  The following offices have been identified for integration: 


Name of offices



MD Office



CE Office



SE office



Executive Engineers s office



SDOs office