The supply shall be disconnected permanently in following cases: 

  • With the termination of the agreement.
  • If the cause for which the supply was temporarily disconnected is not removed within six months period.
  • On request of consumer as described under section 4.14(g) Given Below.
  • Section 4.14(g) [A consumer may terminate the agreement after giving a notice in the specified format (Annexure 4.7(Hindi, English)). The notice period shall be 30 days for all consumers. Upon service of the said notice, the licensee shall arrange to take reading, disconnect the supply, remove meter, cable etc., deliver final bill including all arrears up to the date of disconnection with in 30 days from the date of said application. Upon payment, the Licensee shall issue receipt with FINAL BILL stamped on it, which shall be treated as No Dues Certificate.]
  • If the dues are not paid by the consumers the surcharge payable by the consumer on dues shall be levied up to the period of issue of section-5 notice, or for maximum eight months only.
  • The security amount shall be adjusted first and after adjusting the security amount the net arrear shall be calculated on which surcharge shall be payable by the consumer.

Procedure for Permanent Disconnection on request of consumer

  • Consumer has to submit a affidavit on Notary Stamp Paper of Rs. 10, stating the reason of permanent disconnection to the Area Executive Engineer, Distribution Division along with copy of the latest Bill.
  • Consumer has to deposit the outstanding dues & has to deposit the required PD Fee at the office of Executive Engineer, Distribution Division, as per detail below.

Disconnection and Reconnection of supply for any reason whatsoever (Disconnection and Reconnection to be separately treated as single job).

Title Job Rate
Consumer having load above 100BHP/75KW Per job Rs. 1000.00
Power consumers up to 100BHP/75KW Per job Rs. 500.00
All other categories of Consumers. Per job Rs. 300.00